My Favourite Podcasts

I think it goes without saying but I'm a pretty big podcast nerd. I'd like to think I'm the biggest podcast nerd you'll ever know but that probably isn't true. The point is; I f**king love podcasts. 

I've been wanting to create a definitive list of my favourite podcasts but I've come to learn that it's next to impossible. There are so many great shows I have yet to discover and fall in love in with. 

Even so, I'd like to present you with my (abridged) list of favourite podcasts. These are the podcasts whose feed I'll obsessively update and cry with joy when I see a new episode downloading. 

Happy listening!


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Hosted by Roman Mars, 99 Percent Invisible delves into design, architecture and the 99 per cent invisible things that surround us. I was lucky enough to be introduced to this show by a friend and it remains without a doubt, one of my all-time favourites; never failing to present an amazing show. 


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HBM is one of those shows that use the medium of podcasting to create something truly unique and entertaining. Billed as a podcast about "the unknown", Here Be Monsters is a show for anyone who loves creative storytelling and highly produced radio. 


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Hosted by Alex Goldman and PJ Voigt, Reply All is a show about the internet produced by Gimlet Media. I've been listening to Reply All since their launch in 2014 and I have yet to miss an episode. 


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The Memory Palace is a short-form storytelling podcast about history. Host Nate DiMeo writes and performs narrative essays that never fail to disappoint. I was instantly hooked after listening to "The Brothers Booth", an episode about John Wilkes Booth's brother, and his life leading up to and after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Fun-fact: Nate DiMeo was also a writer for Parks and Recreation and co-authored "Pawnee: The Greatest Town In America".


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Imaginary Worlds is a podcast about pop culture and the "imaginary worlds" that we all know and love. In this podcast, veteran radio producer Eric Molinski explores how these imaginary worlds are created and why we suspend our disbelief. I was introduced to this podcast via 99% Invisible and binged every episode. I still re-listen to past episodes because I love this show that much. 


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Hosted by Aaron Mahnke, Lore is a podcast about just that; lore. Aaron Mahnke creative non-fiction essays and pitch-perfect narration (along with fantastic creative-commons music) made this podcast an instant hit. I'm proud to call myself a monthly supporter of his Patreon campaign and my "Lore" t-shirt is easily one of my favourite articles of clothing. 


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Criminal is a podcast about true-crime hosted by Phoebe Judge. Without sensationalizing or belittling the crimes it reports, this podcast consistently delivers some of the most engaging programing available for your ears. 


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Without a doubt my favourite podcast from NPR. Planet Money is a podcast about economics and money that makes topics like "economics" and "money" interesting. Planet Money is a prime example of mainstream business reporting at it's finest.