Going to #INBOUND16

Sometimes I gotta pinch myself. The awesome company I work for sent me to Boston to attend #INBOUND16, Hubspot's annual inbound marketing conference. 

You probably don't know how big of a deal this actually is. I've been watching keynotes from Inbound on YouTube for the past three years. The idea of ever actually attending the conference almost never crossed my mind. 

And I got to go this year. All of it was paid for by work. And I am so grateful to my work for giving me the opportunity to travel and learn with over 18,000 marketers. It was an experience I will never forget. 

My Favourite Speakers From #INBOUND16

There were so many amazing sessions that I was lucky enough to be able to attend while I was in Boston. Very few of my sessions were duds -- I walked away from every session having learned something new. Not to mention the celebrities! Anna Kendrick, Amy Wong, and Alec Baldwin were just a few of the bigger names at the show. I could go on and on but instead. I want to highlight some of the speakers who made a meaningful impact on me. Here are my favourite speakers from #INBOUND16:

Gary Vaynerchuk

I wasn't a big fan before I saw his keynote (or even straight away after) but I've come away with a great appreciation for Gary Vee and his message. More than anything, he instilled FOMA in me and got me anxious and excited to take action. 

Website: garyvaynerchuk.com

@ArvellCraig hit me up on Twitter after his presentation!

@ArvellCraig hit me up on Twitter after his presentation!

Arvell Craig

Arvell's presentation was the one that got me most inspired - so much so that I had to tweet him and he responded back with a really thoughtful message. Arvell is an entrepreneur, marketer and speaker from Arizona and he talked about how to develop your inner producer. Specifically, he talked about our individual personality DNA and our natural preferences. He talked about how we need to do actions that cater to our personal DNA and use our natural skills to our benefit. I was floored by his presentation and walked out with ready to tackle my own projects with a new vitality. 

Website: arvellcraig.com

Amy Schmittauer

Amy runs an awesome YouTube channel called Savvy Sexy Social and is an authority on social media and video marketing. I had already seen a few of her videos before I went to her session so it was cool to see her in person and listen to her talk about how to build a brand using online video. This was a topic I had been thinking about a lot leading up to the conference and attending Amy's session got me geared up and excited to start creating videos on a regular basis.

Amy has great stage presence (not a big surprise if you watch her vlogs) and I loved her presentation. Tons of actionable advice and resources and she knew exactly how to structure a great conference talk. Not only did she inspire me to create more videos but she also got me thinking about public speaking. The highlight would have to be when Amy had everyone take out their smartphone and record themselves making a short video. She then told us to post it to our social media channels. It was fun, engaging, and included everyone in the audience -- even if they didn't post their video. I did. 

YouTube Channel: Savvy Sexy Social

Rand Fishkin

Okay, confession time. I didn't actually get to see Rand Fishkin at the conference.. I didn't end up adding his session to my agenda -- a mistake I sorely regret. But one of the cool things about Inbound were all the camera crews. Dozens of videographers with gorgeous cameras (I'm talking RED Epics and C500's) were running around the conference to record every session. Even though I missed this session, I watched it in full on YouTube shortly after arriving home. I spent the Saturday after the conference watching all the sessions I wanted to watch but didn't and a couple of the ones I attended but wanted to watch again! Rand Fishkin is the "Wizard" of Moz. An authority on SEO and digital marketing, Rand's presentation is a must-watch for SEOs and marketers who rely on organic search traffic. 

Website: moz.com/rand

Watch The Entire Conference On YouTube

As mentioned above, the entire conference was recorded and posted to Hubspot's YouTube channel. I'd highly recommend going through their playlist and finding a few different sessions that interest you. Click through to go to the #INBOUND16 YouTube playlist!

Going to #INBOUND16 was brilliant -- being in that convention center surrounded by thousands of people who were all passionate about digital marketing was unlike anything I've experienced before.

I certainly hope to return again and I'd highly encourage you to attend yourself.