Using Lead Magnets

Getting traffic can be hard  -- and generating leads can be even harder. So how do other marketers do it? 

They use Lead Magnets.

What Are Lead Magnets?

Lead magnets are freebies that you send to a visitor in exchange for their contact information. They usually take the form of free downloads, ebooks, checklists, case studies, etc. 

The purpose of a lead magnet is to get more leads in your funnel and build trust with your audience. 

That means that you shouldn’t slap together a shitty checklist, create an opt-in page and hope for the best. Your lead magnet needs to be exciting -- something that’s worth trading an email address for. 

People hate being marketed and sold to. That’s why your number one priority should be to provide value to your audience. You should be offering them something so valuable that it makes giving away their email address a no-brainer. 

Lead magnets have no set format; they’re whatever is going to get the user to take further action. Some examples include;

  • Guides
  • Checklists
  • Worksheets
  • Case studies
  • Webinars/videos

Once you’ve created your lead magnet, you’ll need to set up your autoresponder sequence. Autoresponders are emails that are automatically sent to your subscribers. 

Here’s how it works. 

  1. User clicks lands on your website and see your lead magnet. 
  2. They give you their email address.
  3. An autoresponder sends them your lead magnet. 

Lead magnets help convert strangers into prospects into customers. Once they’re in your funnel, you have the opportunity to develop your relationship with them. 

Create Your Own Lead Magnet

Here’s a basic framework for running a lead magnet campaign:

  1. Choose a persona
  2. Select a topic and format
  3. Create and lay out content
  4. Setup autoresponder
  5. Promote offer/drive traffic

I’ve created two free templates for creating lead magnets. Feel free to use and adapt them however you see fit! 

Google Docs Template - good for longer content (like ebooks and guides)
Google Slides Template - good for shorter content (like checklists and worksheets)

Just click on "File" > "Make A Copy" and you're good to go!