the Swipe file

My curated collection of free tools, resources, articles, videos and more.

A swipe file is a useful collection of ideas, resources and strategies. I'm a huge nerd when it comes to finding new tools and collecting the very best resources. This page is my ultimate catalog of cool stuff I like. My goal is that you will find something useful for your own projects or that you find something here that you like too. 

** Last updated: September 2017 **

To kick things off, here are my saved YouTube playlists:


These are the finest curated collections of tools and resources ever assembled. I could spend hours mindlessly browsing these sites and finding new stuff to add to my arsenal.


My trove of inspo sites for startups, branding, design, marketing and sales.

Branding and Design Inspo

Marketing and Sales Inspo

favourite articles

These are some of my all-time favourite resources and articles. 

Research tools

These tools will help you find information and uncover trends, products and ideas.

Product Research

Website Analysis

My Stack

This is my tool stack. It's designed to be lean, data-driven and flexible. My general philosophy is "whatever gets the job done" but these are some of the essentials that I rely on. 

UX and Design Tools

Curated Commons

These are all of the best places to find creative commons and public domain content. Who doesn't love free stuff?

Waste Some Time

Consider this the "unproductive" section. Goof around with these cool websites. 

more Stuff I Like

These are all the other random tools and resources that I couldn't fit into any of the other categories.